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En testflaske med Whisky og et glass på et bord med solen som skinner inn fra bakgrunnen


If you are seeking in-depth knowledge about the details of craft whisky production, we have a perfect proposition for you: You can experience magical Myken, while learning to produce Arctic single malt whisky!


We arrange our very own whisky school, where you’ll learn all the basics of good malt whisky through some theory, practical work with all the processes in the distillery, as well as tasting of both local and international examples of what good malt whisky can and should be.

Over the course of three full days you will be taught by our master distiller, and you’ll take part in milling of malt, mashing in, distillation, cask filling, and warehouse control in the distillery. At night you will take part in exciting whisky tastings in our library var, and you will take part in a three-course dinner on the last evening, where we see how our spirits can be used creatively in cooking.

Whether you pan to start your own production or not, you will have gained a deep understanding of the processes involved in making a good malt whisky, and you will have memories for life from a unique little society far out in the ocean. Maybe you’ve even filled your own private cask with the spirit you distilled yourself? (Employee discounts are of course available when you do part of the job yourself!) 

If we’re lucky, the class picture will be taken under the Northern lights. Depending on weather and individual desires, we will also tour the vicinity – on the water or on land. You will of course be awarded a diploma as proof of your newly gained knowledge.


You’ll stay at Myken Bed and Breakfast, with full room and board in Norway’s only indoor “camping site” with excellent comfort, good food, fantastic views, and a great ambiance.


A maximum of 6 people can take part in each whisky camp, so get in touch early if you’re interested!
The price per person (all inclusive, except travel to/from, and drinks at meals): NOK 11.950,-
Payment is due upon registration, refunds only in case the c\vacant spot is filled by someone else.

The next Myken Whiskycamp has not yet been scheduled. If you are interested - please get in touch, and we'll see if we can find a time slot that is suitable.

If you’re lucky, maybe you'll also get trapped in Myken by inclement weather – our first ever whisky camp class had to stay almost two full days extra, and they were loving it!

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