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En tønne står på kaia, med fergen og Myken fyr i bakgrunnen


You can become the owner of your very own private whisky cask in Myken – and thereby take part in an incredibly exciting journey towards a unique finished product!


Your own cask is marked with your name, and you can of course take part in filling it yourself. You can receive one tasting sample per year, in order to follow the development of the cask, and in order to decide when it is time to bottle it.

At present, we have four possible combinations for the private casks:

  • 40-L ex-bourbon cask with unpeated spirit

  • 40-L ex-bourbon cask with peated spirit

  • 40-L ex-sherry cask with unpeated spirit

  • 40-L ex-sherry cask with peated spirit

The bourbon casks are generally available all year round, but there may be some waiting involved if you opt for the sherry ones. This is due to the fact that we do not buy sherry casks in the warm half of the year, as they are then prone to microbial infections.

Norwegian law does not allow us to sell directly to the public, so for Norwegian residents, part of the payment for the private casks is formally a loan that gets repaid when the customer has to buy his or her own bottles through the state monopoly stores. For anyone outside of Norway, this point is moot, but keep in mind that you will have to pay transport costs, as well as any duty and taxes levied by your own country when taking delivery of the bottles. This may vary considerably, and we do not keep track of these laws and regulations.

We have a brochure with all the details and the "small print", please get in touch by telephone (+47 926 32 560) or email ( if you would like to receive a copy.

There are special conditions for sale to Norwegian professional customers (hotels, restaurants, and bars) – please get in touch if this is relevant for you.

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